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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Birthday Dinner

My dear readers. For those enjoying all the birthdays' articles, indulge - this is your last one in a while.

For those who are getting tired of reading about birthdays, rejoice - this is the last one for a while.

This was a beautiful dinner hosted by an ex dear lovely neighbour (not that the neighbour is not dear or lovely anymore, just not a neighbour anymore).

A spread of summer delights awaited on a roof deck making the evening light and pleasant on all accounts.

The orzo salad was a perfection with its light dressing and a touch of olives.

A green beans tomato salad was fresh in look and taste.

And the salmon colourfully flavourful.

But what this ex dear lovely neighbour excels in is baking.

Not a creamy cake (what a relief) but a home made peach cake.

Moist, tasty and went well with the candles.

Thank you for a perfect wrap up to the birthday season.

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