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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sad Thursday

The sweet little catses left us to kittie heaven today.

Rescued by VOKRA off the streets of Prince Rupert right before winter, he was little sweet runt by nature, even though pretending to be tough in his first few days with us; hissing at all to protect his sister. 

No more hissing after that; not even meowing - just the sweetest calls he made to be petted.

A simple cat without demands except patiently waiting for favourite friend who visited him every day.

Rolling in between his friend's legs in their favourite spot was his day's highlight.

He loved his sister and will follow her lead on any adventure.

And his sister loved him - she licked him clean up to the last hour before he passed away in his favourite spot at home.

You were so loved so quickly little guy and made us beautiful memories in your few months with us. Rest in peace little Ambie.

1 comment:

maria from vokra said...

I am soo sorry for your loss,,, this kitty was so lucky to have a loving family