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Monday, 5 August 2013

A Wonderful Celebration

My dear readers:

I know that birthday celebrations have been monopolizing the blog recently, but it is not my fault that I am surrounded with people born mainly between May 14 and August 9; so there, the birthday season is almost over.

But this is a special birthday celebration. It is special in how wonderfully simple it was. It is special in who was celebrating along. It is special in being such a pleasant, fun, loving and relaxing evening. 

And most special is the birthday boy did not have to do anything except sit back and enjoy.

The croque monsieur was perfected based on a 150 year old recipe - the best I have ever tasted.

The gifts were a reflection of love of humans and catses.

The pre dessert guava salad was exoticness at its best.

The surprise roses, beautiful roses, simply sealed the perfection of the evening.

The sweets were in the form of black and sprinkley.

And a perfectly wonderful white and creamy cake.

With scraps for a midnight cake pudding snack.


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