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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Kelowna Dining Adventure - Dinner

Nestled in a residential area, walking distance to downtown Kelowna, is a gem of a French Restaurant - Bouchons Bistro.

They do the French Bistro well. The service - efficient, but not rushed; French but not rude or short.

The ambiance - a bistro; beautiful music oldies from France and beyond (including my favourite Doris Day).

The food - an experience for all the senses. Ignoring fat content (which is expected with authentic French cooking), there is nothing about the food other than perfection.

Hors D'Oeuvres - Tartelette de poires.

The subtle roquefort cheese in the tartelette melting around the warm pears against the walnut oil vinaigrette is simply sensual.

House Specialty - Le Cassoulet

Three meats (duck leg, smoked lamb chop and Toulouse sausage) slithering in a lingot bean ragout.
So sexual.

Les Pommes Frites

Obviously hand cut, freshly fried and for the first time I eat fries in a restaurant that are not sprinkled with salt after frying.


The crescendo of sensuality exploded with a white and creamy pavlova.

Thank you for a wonderful night Bouchons Bistro.

Bouchons Bistro
1180 Sunset Drive
Kelowna, BC

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