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Friday, 16 August 2013

Sea Adventure of Food

Just as the week started with a sea adventure (Read Sea Adventure to an Exotic Market), the week ended with another sea adventure aboard the Snow Prince, courtesy of my favourite canned seafood brand - Gold Seal.

Starting with a cup of freshly made seafood chowder, the sea adventure of food continued with salmon and steak in bread pockets, seafood dips and calamari.

But those were only the appetizers. We progressed to a feast of baked salmon, shrimps, chicken curry with rice and delicious salads.

A feast for the stomach and the eye, the best way to describe it is with pictures.

Enjoy the sea adventure of food photo gallery below and tune back tomorrow to see the views from the cruise's photo gallery.

Thank you Gold Seal for a lovely lovely evening.

1 comment:

~T.E.~ said...

except for the salmon OMG this looked delish!!!!