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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sea Adventure to An Exotic Market - The Food

This sea adventure took off from the sea to land at Salt Spring Island's Saturday Market.

Exotic and huge are the two words that come to mind describing this market. 

The official word is that vendors must 'make it, bake it or grow it' to show it.

So let's start the tour with what those vendors grow. Later I will show you what those vendors make.

While many expect such a market to have lots of food, the ratio of food to arts and crafts was 20% food to 80% crafts.

But it remains fun to stroll through and see how well this community comes together.

What those vendors grow includes exotic mushrooms - something that we may not see a lot of at Vancouver's Farmers Markets.

I'm not sure all exotic mushrooms are displayed here; but I am sure there are many exotic mushrooms on this Island.

As for making things, the most exotic edible items were those hand made Japanese rice balls.

Not only each is made with different ingredients, but also using different kind of rice. 

Finding items vendors make or grow was easy. 

Finding items that vendors bake was more difficult. This display got me excited thinking it was a variety of breads, but alas, it was not baked, but made of wood.

Tune back tomorrow for the continuation of the exotic market tour.

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