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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sea Adventure to An Exotic Market - The Crafts

The tour of the exotic Salt Spring Island's Saturday Market continues with the crafts (Read the Food Part HERE).

Endless selection of crafts that you may not need but you definitely want to check out.
Life must sure be wild at this Island when the market has two tents featuring artisan glass pipes.

Colours, designs and shapes to match both lifestyle and home decor.

Your home will also brighten up by those floor arts.

A variety of hand painted rugs and runners that were one of the few things I saw and stopped to consider buying.

Then I saw those charming hand painted dining mats.

I felt a buying frenzy on its way, but I restrained so not to overweight the little float plane bringing me home.

I'm glad I stopped the approaching shopping frenzy.

More items kept on popping up with each step you took around this market.

Crafted glass was definitely the most interesting and appealing.

On the other hand, iron work was the least interesting and unique.

And there was no age limit to vendors.

Children under 10 were selling lemonade, popcorn and those most intriguing hand made items (but what to do with them, I am not sure).

A worth-the-trip market running every Saturday from mid-March to end of October.

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