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Monday, 9 September 2013

Fresh Salmon

I love my neighbourhood. One neighbour knocks on my door and asks me to come over. On their front yard are three freshly fished pink salmons. "Choose one", he says.

I carry the salmon proudly with plans to fridge it and cook it later.

"You've got to clean it" says someone working around the house.

The look on my face was telling enough. "Let me do it", the worker says.

After a perfect cleaning job, the salmon was chopped into steaks and quickly seared in oil - one minute on each side.

Delicious, almost sushi quality!

And now the credits.

Thank you C for the fish.

Thank you CC for the cleaning.

Thank you JK for the cooking hint.

Thank you MG for the company.

Thank you cats and catses spirits for bringing on the fish.


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