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Monday, 2 September 2013

Labour Day BBQ

A striking orange door opened up to a fantastic labour day BBQ; how appropriate given that orange is the colour of many labour movements around the world including our own NDP Party.

But politics were put to the side to enjoy a home made vodka and strawberry balsamic shrub.

I am not sure about you, but tonight was the first time I have ever heard of balsamic shrub despite 79,000 results on Google Search.

The technicalities are irrelevant; the drink is smoothly delicious.

The food was simple and perfect, the human and animal company divine.

A bocconcini and garden tomato salad kicked us off. 

A perfectly rare grilled steak with smashed potatoes; another food novelty discovered tonight (which planet am I living on to never have heard of a food item with 1,350,000 hits on Google Search).

But wait, the meal is not over. One of our hostesses is an incredible bakeress and she outdid herself tonight.

A fancy caramelized plum served over fresh cream sandwiched in whole wheat shortbread biscuit.

You are one lucky cats to be loved and fed by such great fun sweet and generous couple.

Thank you GaK for the best labour day BBQ ever (seriously).

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