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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A New Airline - BFA

I was held hostage by British Airways for 17 hours. The food was so bad that I am calling it BFA (Bad Food Airline).

I probably would have been kinder and more forgiving if I have not received this food promise, in writing, as soon as I boarded the plane.

Authentic included Classic American snacks made in the UK, Moroccan Chicken with South Indian spicing, Thai Curry served with Bok Choy. How authentic is that.

Balanced Choices meant the vegetarian option is pasta with cheese sauce (and no vegetables), oily food, oversized muffins and chocolate in every dessert - very balanced.

From The Source made me laugh. I am on a plane above the Atlantic with food packed by multinational catering companies. I cannot believe they would even make this claim.

Hour 3 served what was described as Thai chicken red curry (i.e., oily rose sauce) with cilantro jasmine rice (see the one mini piece of cilantro), baby bok-choy (more like boiled bok-choy stems) and sweet bell peppers (1 inch piece).

Hour 9 was light refreshment - a cold, plastic wrapped over sized muffin that was left un-opened.

Hour 14 was Moroccan Chicken served with Italian rice with five raisins on top and spiced with nothing that Moroccan stews recipes will include.

Even a simple request of tomato juice with lemon and pepper translated into a Worcestershire cocktail coloured with tomato juice.

Glad to land.

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