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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween in Vancouver - Day 2

And day 2 of Halloween in Vancouver is here (Click to read Halloween in Vancouver Day 1).

If we are all so concerned about sustainability, environment and health, we should all skip the junk we give kids trick and treating and go grocery shopping.

Imagine how better our world will be if those kids gathered fresh fruit, vegetables, home made healthy snacks as they trick and treated. Give it a try.

To help you with this task, Halloween in Vancouver day 2 focused on grocery stores.

The Boring - Whole Foods has never been my favourite grocery store. What's with being so focused on health and community and all their food has to cross borders before making it to Vancouver? Anyway, they tried to get into the Halloween spirit, but failed miserably.  

The Cutest - Buy-Low, as you may have guessed from previous articles, is my favourite grocery store in the city. Just see this cutest Halloween decoration right there next to the fruit and vegetables for your trick and treat offering.

The Inconspicuous - Marketplace IGA is always inconspicuous when it comes to grocery shopping as far as I am concerned. But I did go in and I had to roam every square foot of the store to find these tiny pumpkins to suggest anything Halloween.

The Practical - Meinhardt is simply focusing on pumpkins and leaving it to you to turn them into Halloween snacks or Halloween decorations. Smart move I thought.

The Don't Forget About Me - Tisol is reminding us all that our pets need some Halloween entertainment. To help you with that, bandanas are $5.00 a piece for Halloween. Check it out.

The Most Impressive - Chocolate Arts will never disappoint no matter what the occasion is. For Halloween, they made us a Chocolate Pumpkin, larger than a real pumpkin. Impressive!

Impressing me the most, I took my food break there and enjoyed a season special pumpkin spiced hot chocolate with a selection of the best chocolates in the city.

The Disappointment of the Day - Chapters, rather than promoting a night of scary book reading for Halloween, has skipped it all together and started its Christmas promotions.

Happy Halloween. Be safe. Give natural treats. And Dress Up.

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