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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Halloween in Vancouver - Day 1

Twelve days to Halloween and the city is going wild.

My first thought was to roam and discover interesting Halloween decorations.

But you readers are all about gobbling information on where to eat and where to shop, so I decided instead to roam and find out what shops are doing for Halloween.

It was a very educational and entertaining weekend as I ventured out to accomplish my blogomania task. 

Here I am sharing with you what is out there as you gear up for your Halloween weekend.

The Best Value - London Drugs has the largest selection of Halloween candies and by far the best prices in the city. Alongside you can pick up your costume, make up and the scary DVDs on special (I can just hear one of you say 'who watches DVDs anymore).

The Fanciest - Godiva Chocolates has special Halloween truffles that look and taste very Halloween. I won't recommend them as treats if you have 100s of kids at your door - the dollars will add up. But if you are having a tête-à-tête tricking, those will impress.

The Most Inventive - David's Tea is inviting you for a Halloween tea party. Now that is a novel idea. It is not necessarily my favourite tea shop (you know I adore Shaktea). But they have this non-tea tea called forever nuts with almonds, cinnamon, apple bits and beet roots that turns crazy red - perfect for after putting the kids to bed on Halloween.

The Already Discounted - Papyrus Greeting Cards has Halloween stuff already on sale. While that stuff is almost useless, they do have the best selection of Halloween cards. And if you buy three, you get the fourth for free.

The Best Retail Experience Ever - Apple Store reminded me of Halloween given how all are dressed up in those blue costumes. My computer was cleaned, checked up and geared up with a new chord all for free; just because.

The Disappointment of the Day - Crate & Barrel skipped Halloween all together and is already out with its overpriced Christmas decorations.

Time for a food break and what's more fitting for Halloween than a Chicken Biryani and Mango Lassi at Al-Watan.

Tune back tomorrow for Day 2 of Halloween in Vancouver.

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