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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

More Lunches

You read Lunches few days ago.

The ritual continues, but with later start time (2:30 pm).

Here's more sampling of the lunches. Enjoy as I nap them off.

This is a joint mom and dad prepared lunch.

Mom made two versions of Kebbeh - a plain fried patties and the 'football' version stuffed with meat, onions and nuts.

And dad made the baba ghanouj

More eggplants than Tahini sauce so you can taste the crunchy eggplants (that are cleaned entirely of their seeds).

Delicious with home made pickles.

Assasa stew remains my favourite meal and mom makes sure it is on the menu every trip.

Made from fresh, not dried beans and served over rice and vermicelli and the infamous pickles.

Mom's roast came out and resting for lunch.

This is not your typical North American roast. It is made of very lean ground beef that is spread thin then rolled (Read Mom's Roasto for full details and recipe).

It is served as it has been served for over 5 decades in this household - with canned vegetables mix heated up with butter.

After all this meat, time for a vegetarian break.

No, this is not a ready-to-eat dish. This is a plate of the ingredients going into Loubieh Bi Zeit.

This is made with Badrieh, the name of a flat green beans that are way tastier than the typical rounded green beans.

The beans are freshly picked from a near by garden.

Cooked with onions, garlic and tomatoes, this dish is a perfect vegetarian meal to balance all the meat eaten this week.

I'm sure eating well, and lots... I will miss those lunches.

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