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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Wacky Ride to Beirut

On this Wacky Thursday I went crazy taking pictures from a moving car on route to Beirut.

Amazing what you see when you look. This field in the middle of a growing Beirut suburb is an ideal urban farm; fully planted with vegetables as the residential development complex approaches it.

Along the way, you see a handful of the old style Beirut houses that resisted both the bombs during the wars and the temptations of new real estate development.

If you get hungry along the drive, you can holler from your car the seller of Ka'ak - those savoury cakes filled with za'atar for a less than a dollar breakfast.

Even better, you can dream of a leisurely morning in bed away from the traffic with your groceries delivered by the store below your building directly to your a basket.

Beirut has been around since the Phoenician era over 1000 years before Christ; and you can tell by looking around.

The history-of-Beirut lesson continues with the Roman columns that pop up every time you dig a hole in the ground and, if they are too heavy to move to a museum, you keep them as public art.

Including probably the only remanent of the 1973-1992 war.

If you get bored looking at buildings, just look around you at all the colourful trucks on the street.

With my favourite - this potato producers' truck packed with local potatoes.

But my real favourite sight is this old cemetery and church in the middle of Beirut. One trip I will dedicate a full article to it given how beautiful those graves are.

And my least favourite sight is this Arch invading the city (did you know you can get valet parking at most of Lebanon's McDonalds?)

I am glad to be a passenger in this horrible traffic. I'm more glad to have had my camera to entertain me.

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