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Friday, 1 November 2013

And A Ride To Saida

With the popularity of Wacky Ride to Beirut article with you readers, it is only fair to give you another ride story, this time to Saida - again completely documented from the window of a moving car.

Saida is an ancient city with ruins suggesting it dates back to the Lower Paleolithic ages (stone ages).

It is in Saida where pottery was first invented. Most importantly, it is where I was born.

Saida is surrounded by ancient religious sites. The prophet Jonah was close by. Further south Jesus' first miracle of changing water to wine took place. It is also told that Saint Paul visited friends in Saida.

On a hill right above Saida is Maghdousheh where the virgin Mary used to come and wait for her son during his preaching days.

It is in this ancient cave where the virgin Mary waited for her son.

The cave is now one of the nicest church experiences one can find. 

Next to it is a more modern church.

Another fascinating aspect about Saida is the peaceful co-existent of religions.

Driving through the city, you see churches intermingled with some of the most beautiful mosques.

You also find in Saida, in addition to churches, mosques and Phoenician castles, an abundance of groves.

Bananas, lemons, oranges, dates, olives groves are endless within and to the south, north and east of the city.

My timing was perfect for the fresh dates season.

Those dates you see below come from this dates' grove that is standing right behind where you are buying them from.

Talk about freshness.

On a more personal note, it was fascinating to see the movie theatre I frequented when I was pre-teen still standing, albeit not showing any movies.

And of course, Saida loves cats.

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