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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pizza Night in Lebanon Ritual

A ritual with cousins is going out for Pizza (Read Beirut at Night). This time, it was Pizza Night at Bottega, a charming small Italian restaurant tucked at the end of Bikfaya, a small mountain town.

The pizzas' are very thing crusted - almost a pita bread dough.

The unique thing about this pizza is that the vegetables toppings are added after baking turning them into a pizza and salad combo on one tray.

Not able to decide on the many neat options, we ended up ordering four for the table.

This one is a pesto pizza - pesto spread over the dough, topped with fresh tomato slices and fresh basil leaves.

Below is the same idea, but with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.

The vegetarian version was a mushrooms pizza. This was my favourite and the taste of mushrooms was very fresh and very....mush - roomy.

The meat version was a prosciutto pizza topped with melon balls - inventive.

Some hungry types wanted pasta as well - a creamy salmon fettuccine alfredo.

But it is the pizza that makes the place. Worth a try.


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