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Friday, 29 November 2013

Another Letter to Peaceful Restaurant

My dear Peaceful Restaurant;

I have written you when I first met you (read A Letter).  I have been back at least four times since then.

So what do you think of my photography? 

Yes, your food looks much better in person.

The Xing-Jiang Cumin Lamb is sure a treat - like redesigning the earth to align Tunisia and China on the same continent.

The more I eat your Beef Roll, the more I am convinced this is the best in the city.

Crunchy, tasty, excellent beef quality that is rare in many Chinese restaurants.

The chives pockets were definitely large and filled with chives.

Unless you are a big fan of chives, don't order those.

A beautiful lunch you served Peaceful Restaurant. Thank you.

Peaceful Restaurant
43 East 5th
Vancouver, BC

Peaceful Restaurant 和平飯店 (Main) on Urbanspoon

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