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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Delicious Baking at somerville kitchen Cookbook Club

Our charming hostess for this month's somerville kitchen cookbook club featured not a cookbook, but a magazine - Fine Cooking

Fine Cooking was described as always having good recipes and with the subscription you get a series of best of issues.

Plus, all the recipes are handy online. I, personally, have not really been familiar with Fine Cooking, but I sure would be exploring it soon.

And the treat was a pumpkin spice cake with butter cream frosting from a Fine Cooking recipe.

Indian, Lebanese, even Indian-Jewish cookbooks were featured this month.

But the most appropriate was The Best Christmas by Ruth Phelan and Brenda Thompson.

Anyone wants to join the bookclub? (we are short on guys). The next meeting is on December 28 and who knows what festive goodies will await all.

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