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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Eating At Heathrow

What to do at Heathrow Airport for a full day other than shop and eat? 

But a big sign for Gordon Ramsay Plane Food was not easy to resist. Plus it was time for breakfast.

I saw one thing on the menu I have never heard of - Eggs Norwegian. I ordered it with no questions asked. This is what is was (poached egg over half English toast topping what I am assuming Norwegian salmon). $21 USD to claim I had a Gordon Ramsay breakfast.

Sneaking myself into the British Airways lounge, my expectations of food were low to begin with knowing British Airways (Read BFA). And I was right. Mushed eggs with unidentified objects inside those sandwiches - no thanks.

The buffet was worse - a spread of five different unidentifiable mushes. 

Thinking a trans Atlantic flight is not the place to have food poisoning, so I opted for rice, canned baked beans and roasted potato.

At this point, I decided to give up on food. 

But I was craving something sweet to tie me up until I face the more horrible food on the plane.

And there was Giraffe. It looked like it had everything, including a buzz and a nice hostess. In I went.

Sweet options were pretty boring and all had some ice-cream added to them. But a key lime pie with lime marmalade caught my eye.

It did not look very lime (I was expecting something green). It did not taste very lime either. I am not able to describe what it tasted like.

I should have just went into Harrods' food section, bought some cookies and jam and made myself a picnic.

I will be much more selective as to which airline to fly next time. Bon voyage!

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