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Monday, 25 November 2013

Lumber Jack Meals Are Back

This is not the first time I rave about my firewood provider (read the last installment at Lumberjack Meal - The Sequel).

The wood arrived, piled up beautifully in the living room this time, making it way more convenient to make a fire without having to dress up and head outside.

My wood provider not only brings the best wood in the city, but has the science of piling up wood perfected, with a side tower to hold all in place (specially with cats intrigued and wanting to jump on the pile).

And what excites me the most about my wood deliveries are the fresh eggs that show up with the wood.

I still cannot get over the difference in colour and taste between those fresh farm eggs and the ones you buy in store, no matter how organic and farm fresh their labels tell you. 

I think it is time to consider chicken in le jardin (hmmm, two or three?).

The fire lit, the eggs cracked, a simple meal of fried eggs.

I am looking forward to fresh eggs breakfast in front of the fire this weekend.

Thank you again the best wood provider ever.

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