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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Time Travel to 1930 Paris

An empress spent a whole weekend perfecting many of her talents.

She perfected ambiance setting; perfected brunch cooking and perfected time travel that allowed a blogger and a cake lady to cross time spheres and land upon a 1930's Paris inspired brunch - all dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Writing about the table setting can fill up a complete blog article, let alone the food. 

One of the oldest and most beautiful china was set up among a multitude of French motif items.

And once sitting down with tea and a flowing conversation, munching on home made liver paté and French bread and cheese, platter upon platter of delicious brunch items kept on flowing.

Below is a picture of the feast items. I may have missed pictures of a side dish or two; the cold cuts, the cheeses, the paté. My excuse; overwhelmed with options.

Every dish, inventive or traditional, was perfectly cooked with care, love and the elegance of an Empress.

Merci beaucoup ma chére Empress - you sure impressed.

The prosciutto; architecturally built on the platter. 

 Of course, les croissants; buttery crunchy and packed with melting goodies.

The traditional European brunch dish of baked sausages and potatoes.

Along with a modern fresh tasting inventive way of cooking eggs within an avocado.

Just when we thought the flow of platters stopped, french crepes made their way.

With a thoughtful white and creamy on top of a chocolate nutty base; wow what an orgasmic ending to the meal.

Too bad the real world was waiting for us, but the memories will last a long time.

No words can express my thanks - simply a beautiful meal; Merci!

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