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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Pita of Gold

In the depth of Burnaby, tucked in a side building next to a shopping mall, is an incredible little family owned and run Lebanese Restaurant - Golden Pita.

I took this shot at 11:55. By 12:15 no seat was empty and it was clear that many Lebanese and non-Lebanese have discovered this gem years ago and became regulars, while I visit it for the first time.

I had what Golden Pita calls Wow Chicken simply because I liked the name - toasted pita pockets filled with a roasted/onion/sumaq filling that is a taste to remember. Golden Pita is a restaurant to go back to with lots of people, order all the appetizers as mezza and pretend I am in Lebanon. Even better, their Saturday morning Lebanese brunch menu, including Knefeh, is the next target. A pleasurable discovery.

Golden Pita
9630 Cameron Street
Burnaby, BC

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1 comment:

~T.E.~ said...

yes a few years back Maggie & I had discovered this one too...if it's the one next to Red Robin, etc. by Lougheed Mall?