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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Catsess Cozy Weekend Dinners - Saturday

Catsess wanted to be cozy this weekend so we got the fireplace going and had two sweet neighbours over. Catsess was sociable for a change.

The dinner featured a mezza spread infront of the fire with Mnazelleh, Bamyieh bi Zeit, Salatet Kousa, Humus, Fasoulia, cheeses, olives and a Greek salad made with Lebanese white cheese instead of Feta cheese. 

Keeping with the newly set somerville kitchen tradition of December fireplace cooking (Read December is Fireplace Cooking Month), Haloum Sails were BBQed in the fireplace with exceptional results.

Desserts were white and creamy of course, served with tea.

A cheer to a very fun and cheerful evening.

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