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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Catsess Cozy Weekend Dinners - Sunday

Catses continued to be cozy and sociable as the weekend dinners continued (Read Saturday).

Like Saturday's dinner, mezza was spread out and Haloum Sails were grilled on the fireplace.

But unlike Saturday, tonight's grilling on the fireplace included meat.

The beef kebabs, on iron skewers, fit beautifully on the grill in the fireplace, making somerville kitchen smell like a Beirut (or some may say Istanbul) street corner.

Even a bottle of Port was opened for the occasion. And what's the special occasion you may ask?

It is the birthday of a very special friend and glamourous big heart lady that preferred ice cream over a birthday cake.

And a very special birthday evening it was. Happy birthday my dearest.

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