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Friday, 20 December 2013

Four Course Chapati Dinner

On a snowy night, my dear lovely neighbour made a lovely four course chapati dinner that made crossing this snow so worthwhile.

Course 1

My dear lovely neighbour knows how much her guests like bitter melon.

My dear lovely neighbour also knows how much her guests like the food to be inventive.

So tonight, bitter melon was prepared differently. Rather than frying it, it was steamed with onions and cumin.

A delicious yellow dish was the result.

Course 2

Everyone loves potatoes and my dear lovely neighbour always remembers that.

Potato Podimus is the traditional South Indian version of mashed potatoes.

Spiced up with chili and mustard seeds, double carbed with the chapati; amazing.

And we are still on course 2.

Course 3

Of course there will be dahl. 

But this is a pumpkin dahl where the pumpkin and lentils mix resulted in a beautiful orange coloured dahl that was as tasty as it looked.

Course 4

My favourite and I could not stop eating it - an egg Frittata with layers of onions and green chili (lots of it).

Now this is one dish I will be attempting given how delicious it was.

Thank you my dear lovely neighbour for a lovely dinner.

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