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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wacky Lunch Break

A group of wacky workers ran away from the office for a festive German lunch break at Deutsches Haus.

Our favourite table was waiting, our favourite server was there, but we missed on the $11.99 Schnitzel; that was Tuesday.

But Thursdays are Haxen Thursdays; with a Bavarian Pork Hock at $11.99 and what a deal that was.

While all jumped on the Pork Hock, I went with the daily Goulash over home made Spätzle - yum!

And since it is Wacky Thursday and we are all wacky to run away from our work to eat all this meat mid-day, we may as well continue the indulgences.

Beer, meat, great company and a value meal with friendly German service made for a great way to wind down for the holidays.

Deutsches Haus
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Deutsches Haus on Urbanspoon

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