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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

One Year Later

One year ago, catsess and her brothers showed up at somerville kitchen (Read Introducing Catses). 

Over the year, catsess lost her brothers (Read My Three Brothers) and turned from a feral cat to a sweet lap cat.

The hiding places in the early days were endless. Under the shelf was a breeze to find. 

Catsess has hidden inside the back of a toilet bowl and in the house walls to name a few of the 45-minute searches' episodes.

But a year later, all catsess wants to do is to show off and drag her toys around the house.

She loves her dancing numbers. Dare I put my arm in between those paws? Fierce wrestling match begins.

Catsess was very patient waiting for the gate to the secure jardin to open.

Now she visits jardin daily. But as soon as I call 'HOME', she runs back to the house (complaining) from wherever she is in le jardin.

I personally don't believe she's a cat. She looks like a creature from out of space (and thus Schmoo as a nickname).

In fact, she gets a new name daily with the poses she displays each day.

Catsess loves her crunchies. She eats her Wellness wet food to please me, but nothing pleases her more than crunchies.

She is content with Wellness and her crunchies. No human food coming out of the oven - chicken, beef, salmon - means anything to catsess. 

She'd rather jump on her favourite ledge and wait until crunchies are served.

Oh yes, let's not forget catsess passion for cardboard.

She will eat the edges of any cardboard box until she designed a perfect head rest and then the box becomes her favourite hangout place.

Catsess, a year later, will not leave my side. She jumps on my lap wherever I sit and hangs out.

She is overcoming her feral habits nicely and now shows up to greet visitors and makes sure everyone knows who the princess of the house is.

Catsess, despite all your weirdness, we adore you.

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