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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Royal Holiday Feasting

An Empress opened her house for Christmas and I became a Prince for a night.

A Christmas tree is like no other here - In fact, it is a Christmas ivy, with a beautiful selection of old fashioned ornaments.

And ornaments were everywhere, specially on the beautifully festive table; and each guest walked out with the ornament decorating their plate.

A fun, festive mood surrounded the kitchen and all were getting rowdier despite no alcohol drinkers; a sign of genuine comfort among all.

All ready for the meal.

A perfectly cooked turkey breast that was the right moistness and the right flavour.

The stuffing exceptionally well made and all disappeared within minutes.


Creamy mashed potatoes were the first of the many vegetables served that night and all very nicely done.

The plates were refilled and the time flew. I, among others, filled up such a plate twice and, if not promised a series of desserts, would have been ready for a third.

Dessert you ask. Well, there were too many desserts to fit on this page, so tune back tomorrow for the dessert sequel.

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