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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

One More Christmas Festivity

Just when catsess thought it is safe to come out of hiding, another Christmas festivity hit somerville kitchen.

Yes, it is Orthodox Christmas.

Christmas cheers were raised.

Orthodox visitors arrived, in all their glamour.

And a complete Russian feast was served.

Dinner was catered by (more like picked up from) Alenka European Food (Kingsway and Fraser).

It included the cutest little perogies one can find.

Appetizers - a spread of lox and eggplant dip...

... and those delicious potato and cheese pastries that come in a box and are puffy in 20 minutes.

Russian style cabbage rolls were added to the mix - large, meaty and spicy.

Add some European wieners grilled in the fire place completing this feast.

Dessert was Russian cookies and a unique find - a cake made of crushed walnuts and sesame seeds - addictive.

Beautiful piece of edible marble.

Catsess can now relax, no other festivities planned for the near future.

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