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Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Catsess Day - Mornings

Dear Readers. Catsess took over Wacky Thursdays for the next month to tell us about her day. Wacky Thursdays will resume in March.

"It is 6:00 am. Get up. I am bored. I was alone all night. Get up. Feed me. Play with me."

"Do I look like a cat to be eating my food on the floor? I am catsess who is part cat, part shmoo and part polar bear. I only eat at the highest point in the castle."

"One cannot live on wet food alone. Not even human food is as good as my favourite crunchies. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

"Okay, now I need to burn those calories. Are we playing? Yes, let's play. The sun is up, it is play time."

"What do you mean you need to sit at your desk and work? What about me? Let's see you getting me off your desk chair now."

"I am warning you. If you get me off this chair, I will bloody your face and that fancy necktie you have on."

"Fine. I am bored with your chair. Let me do something useful, like making sure you are working. Mars needs cat food."

"It's almost noon. My favourite time of the day. Time for the first nap; on the chair."

Tune back next Thursday for A Catsess Day - Afternoons

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