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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Loop

Less than two years ago, the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability opened its new fully sustainable building at UBC campus.

The building is also home of The Loop Café - an eating place that fits the sustainability principles of the building.

The Loop's value statement is based appropriately on the word SPICE.

s = sustainability
p = people first
i = ionnovative
c = caring
e = excellence

They lived up nicely to their values.

The menu is simple, healthy, fresh.

There is a very innovative wraps bar where you choose your wrap topping from the beautifully presented buffet.

There are fresh lemonades and juices - the lemonade with mint leaves and rose pallets was innovative to say the least.

Then there are two main daily options. The tofu chilli over rice was an excellent choice.

This is by far the best eating experience I have had at UBC campus and highly recommend you try it when at the university.

The Loop Café
2260 West Mall
Vancouver, BC


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