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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Easter Shopping

With all the business travel I have done, for me, airports are a place of stress, noise and annoyance.

Except for Regina. I look forward to those trips to enjoy serenity and creativity of a visit with the lovely  owner of Rumour Handcraft Inc.

This year I lucked out with my Christmas (Read Wacky Hat Shopping) and my Easter shopping at Rumour Handcraft Inc.

Given Easter, the store had those beautiful hand painted eggs that come with a sheet of meaning of symbols and colours painted.

The hat makers in Regina never seem to stop working.

Every time I visit Rumour Handcraft Inc. there are more hats, more new hats, and more fun hats. I restrained this time, but I think I may pick up a man's summer hat on my next trip.

Meanwhile, I was fascinated with those beautiful handcrafted pottery wheat pools.

The lovely store owner gifted me one of those - the cutest one with a cloud and lightning on top. It is sitting proudly on my mantel as I write.

And the list goes on. 

Too bad I had only 20 minutes to visit this time - not enough to explore all and hear the stories of the local art makers.

Check it out.

Rumour Handcraft Inc.
#15- 5201 Regina Avenue (Inside the airport before security)
Regina, SK

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