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Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Night in Brummana

Memories of high school days came back when roaming Brummana at night.

While none of the hangouts were there during high school days, the buzz and the types of hops are very much the same.

The choice was Crepaway

A fun diner - comfortable, friendly service, clean and a vast selection of food items.

House made lemonade kicked off the night with a selection of munchies instead of dinner.

The nachos plate was very nicely done with generous amounts of cheese, fresh tomatoes and the peppers of course.

A plate of burger tasters was a treat. The beef good, the burger well done and the bun crunchy.

You cannot skip the crepe.

The Jeanne was alright - ham, mushrooms, and cheese.

But the Martine, with melting chocolate spread, bananas and walnuts is to die for.

Brummana, Lebanon

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