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Friday, 9 May 2014

Among Saints

There are many saints in Lebanon. Every other person can tell an account of a miracle or someone cured; thanks to a saint.

Three of those saints, all Maronites, have been canonized by the Roman Catholic church as saints.

There is Mar Sharbel (one in the middle), Mar Nea'malla (the dark bearded one) and Kideesa Refqua (the woman).

And each of them is buried in some of the most beautiful parts of the Lebanese mountains.

This year is the 100th year since the death of Kideesa Refqua so her holy grave is a destination.

Supposedly, if you visit her grave this year, not only you will be blessed, but all your sins will be forgiven.

Overseeing the sea, in the most serene part of the country, is where she is buried. There is a church, a museum and her tomb.

Also, you get a bit of her tomb's soil, which is considered miraculous.

Now you are wondering what do saints have to do with food on a food blog. In reality, nothing. 

However, at the museum I found this original Kebbeh stone mortar with the wooden meat pounder.

Even when I was a kid, I remember family members making Kebbeh this way. You put the meat, bulger wheat, onions and spices in this and you pound it, for hours sometimes, until it is fully smooth.

Just imagine the texture and taste of those old fashioned Kebbeh. (Those are my mom's Kebbeh and Baba Ghanouj)

Hope this was a blessed visit. Any true believers in need of a miracle, happy to share some of Kideesa Refqua's soil.

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