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Friday, 2 May 2014

Frida Paints Beirut

Under the dusk sky of Beirut, on the patio of the first floor of a residential building was dinner at Frida - a Lebanese-Mexican fusion restaurant with a very inventive fusion menu.

Nachos replaced by a selection of Markouk bread - with zaatar, fennel and raisins, fried; with a spicy olives cheddar 'dip'.

The margaritas were there, but also the Chicha with its own attendant making sure it is always going.

Frida serves regular humus and Frida Humus which is a spiced up humus where the cumin and red peppers turned it into a beautiful sunset colour.

Along with it was Kibbeh Mhammara with walnut.

Simply a kibbeh cup baked and stuffed with Mhammara (a mixture of hot spiced up meat); covered with a huge walnut. This was my favourite dinner item.

And those were the 'traditional' fusion inventions.

On a more creative side were the lettuce wraps.

Those were simply spiced cooked Freekeh wrapped in lettuce and steamed. The spicing of the freekeh was light, the combination delicious.

The Avocado and Purslane salad looked beautiful. 

Purslane is a shrub with edible leaves, covered with avocado, pomegranate, cucumber, pine nuts and a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing.

But whether by design or fate, we left the best for last.

Lawziyeh Bil Ashta was the white and creamy dessert option that, given the white and creamy passion, won over the chocolate cooked in clay option.

Lawz means almonds. Ashta is the famous Lebanese cream that my regular readers would have seen over and over.

The combo was an almond paste covering the Ashta, with Lebanese sugar syrup and cherry jams.

Simply amazing....

Thank you my dearest CS Partner in Crime.


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