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Saturday, 3 May 2014


4Cats is a Lebanese band of four sexy singers. 

Except that the women in the band keep on changing (on purpose) but the look and music style remains the same.

Today's story though is not about those 4 Cats, but another 4 Cats who are way cuter, sweeter, lovable and interesting.

Those 4 Cats are Gato, Keera, Miko and Sisyphus.

All of them are rescues off the streets of Beirut and living happily in a lovely home with generous loving humans.

I will let those 4 Cats introduce themselves.

"Ola, my name is Gato (how boring).

I am the rooster among the ladies; they all love my tuxedo and my thick squirrel tail.

If you were not going to make me a blog star, I would have not even let you touch me. 

So I indulged you with my tummy, now I have to go back to keep an eye on the ladies."

"geiá sou, I am the wise Sisyphus.

I have just arrived into this land of lovely Phoenicians, but the other three felines are being very nasty to me.

But my royal eyes and beautiful face got me a wing of the palace all to myself.

I am an observer, thinker and lover. That is why I am questioning why I was called after a King when I am really a Queen.

Well, I will have to think more on that. At least I am not expected to roll boulders up hills in this kingdom."

"Hello, I am Keera.

I am sensitive, beautiful, shy but adore attention at the same time.

Some humans think I have issues. I won't be surprised if they call me issues behind my back.

I see food, please excuse me."

"Kon'nichiwa, Mika here.

I am the queen of the kingdom even though many think I am a go lucky fat cat.

I am not afraid of strangers. I also cannot leave humans laps go to waste.

Anytime a lap is empty, I am on it. Even better, with many laps in the room, I can move from one to another.

I am adorable, am I not??."

Well, those are very lucky kitties to be rescued off the streets of Beirut and given such luxury lives.

But there are still many roaming the streets. To adopt or foster some of them, check out BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) at

Meanwhile, indulge in this handmade intricate needle work by Egyptian women - a treasure I think.



Mishka Mojabber Mourani said...

Wonderful introduction! Lina must be purring with pleasure.😉

Mishka Mojabber Mourani said...

Lina must be purrrŕring with joy.

~T.E.~ said...

Did you know that all calico cats are females?? Never males...