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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

On A Block In Beirut

Starting from a very interesting office building in Beirut, a few blocks walk brings very interesting views.

Below are some of those views. I have to admit the best views are those of the people.

Hanging out at Roadster Diner (Read Roaming And Eating in Beirut) is a perfect window for people watching.

In Beirut, people watching takes a completely different twist given the variety of people you see. Rich, poor, old, young, veiled, almost naked - all are there. 

Here's a taster for you.

Murals are popping up everywhere. I am going to restrain from making any comments given my lack of understanding of the mural sub-culture in Beirut, but those are a couple of samples.

Suddenly, on a small side street, I came across a very tiny (four tables) market. There was honey, local pickles and vinegar, local wine, vegetables and education program on slow food.

On the other hand, you can cross the street into a mini mall within the entrance of an office building and find the other extreme of a what you find in the tiny market.

Finally, looking up at the fancy residential buildings, you can see how the rich and not so famous Beirutians live - which would you choose, a clear outdoor living room or rooftop garden?

Now if only the army would have allowed me to take pictures of them....

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