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Thursday, 8 May 2014


Last trip I wrote about Soubhieh (Read HERE). In short, Soubhieh is a morning gathering over coffee. Sahriyeh, on the other hand, is an evening gathering over drinks and food.

A Sahriyeh can be at home or out of home. 

This Sahriyeh was at a beautiful home surrounded by beautiful art.

It was simple, spontaneous with great company.

This Sahriyeh had wine, nuts, fool akhdar.

Then a selection of cheese sandwiches followed.

For sweets a sweet juicy 'Bateekha' (water melon) showed up on the table.

The Sahriyeh ended with a 'Baklawah' platter.

The word Baklawah in Lebanon refers to the actual Baklawah pieces (those are the light cream coloured pieces).

Each of the other pieces have their own individual names. 

However, collectively, they are also called Baklawah.

And those were sure excellent Baklawah.

Thank you HaN for a lovely Sahriyeh.

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