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Monday, 5 May 2014

Roaming and Eating in Lebanon

Today's roaming covered shore and mountain towns, lots of food and many many cousins. It was a good day.

Early lunch/brunch at Roadster Diner Hamra Street starting with a vanilla milk shake (my only white and creamy food today).

Roadster is a diner chain that focuses on quality - they are ISO certified and approved by Lebanese Association for Food Safety (yay - stomach safe).

The other fun part about Roadster Diner is people watching, in and out.

While I felt a bit old given the crowd, things changed when an older priest showed up - making me feel both young and blessed.

Okay, back to the food. The Swiss Mushroom burger was very good. Exceptional quality beef, melted cheese sauce and great bun.

Pricy for sure compared to Canada (close to $15). I should check out the MacDonalds here to see how much they are.

Next stop was Second Cup where I felt so Canadian (the Canadian flag is part of their Beirut signage).

I also felt really old given this location is next to both a high school and a university.

Few hours later, a gathering of all at Le Gargotier with lots of French Fries and wine. 

My escalope cordon bleu was filling, but that did not stop my cousin from passing half her chicken platter over.

Much later, two of us needed a digesting drink.

A quick walk found us at Calvados, a cosy neighbourhood pub.

Vodka Seven Up was the perfect digestive and the perfect ending for a great day.

Thank you cousins for all the driving around and the food.

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Roadster diner said...

We are glad to hear you shared some blissful moments at Rd Hamra!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Lebanon!