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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Parents' Remedy for Upset Stomachs

When I had a torturous night with an upset stomach, Dr. Dad and Nurse Mom took over.

First remedy goes back to Dr. Grandfather - Arak (Lebanese Alcoholic Drink).

Sipping Arak, it seems, soothes the stomach. I think it is more that its high alcoholic content kills any bad bacteria.

Then one goes on a diet of yogurt to rebuild good bacteria. 

The combination of Labneh (thickened yogurt) and grilled pita (light on the stomach) is a very tasty remedy.

The (home made) yogurt treatment continued but this time it was mixed with rice cooked with vermicelli.

This combination is one of my favourites and is worth getting sick for it.

As the stomach regains its strength, protein is introduced in the form of grilled chicken spiced with cinnamon and all spice.

Finally, natural vitamins are injected in the body with a fresh fruit fruit salad.

Perfect remedy Dr. Dad and Nurse Mom.

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