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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wacky Lebanese Catsssssss

Lebanese cats roam the wilds. In small towns, they are treated well and given lots of food. While feral, most let you come close, even let you pet them. Here's a sample of what I attracted around town.

The lazy, trusting Tabby.

Tabby with his girlfriend Fulla, who is not as trusting as him.

Blackie 1 is one of 4 Blackies guarding the town's church.

 His brother, Blackie 2, is more devoted, lounging in a planter at the feet of Jesus.

 The town circle is home to Yasmine.

And her boyfriend, Antar.

And finally Lady Gaga with her new litter - she has been too busy with the kids that she has not had time to name them.

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