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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Best of Yaletown

Yaletown L'Antipasto is one of three restaurants worth the trip to Yaletown for. And if you like Italian food, it is THE restaurant to eat at in Yaletown.

Family owned and ran, I was impressed that the owner, a year later (Read  L'Antiopasto), clearly remembered me. 

Two favourites from the last visit- the cheese and carpaccio - were a must. Too bad this was a mid-week business lunch where I had to go back and work. Otherwise, 2 platters of each of those, some bread and a bottle of wine would have made for a wonderful time on their cute patio.

To try something new, the risotto alla pescatora was highly (and appropriately) recommended. 

And you can tell this is a place of generousity and class in how the bill is presented.

Yaletown L'Antipasto
1127 Mainland
Vancouver, BC

Yaletown L'Antipasto on Urbanspoon

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