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Friday, 18 July 2014

How To Describe Cafe Brixton

Unique is what comes to mind describing Café Brixton.

A unique setting on all levels - the decor, the room, the seating furniture and this lovely basin.

While I settled for the drink special (some strawberry lemonade that was delicious), it was a working lunch.

If not, they have a selection of Absinthe that I am very tempted to try including a locally made one from Vernon called Taboo.

Why waste printed menus or use a chalk board like everyone else when you can stand out of the crowd and write your specials by hand on a paper bag.

And deserving unique status needs to be reflected in the food offering - a vegetarian meatloaf sandwich with whiskey BBQ sauce and crispy onions.

212 East Georgia
Vancouver, BC

Caffe Brixton on Urbanspoon

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