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Thursday, 17 July 2014


I have no idea why I chose to include Dawatt Indian Restaurant's review as part of Wacky Thursdays.

Is it because the place is so dark and enclosed while the rest of Kelowna is out in the sun?

Or could it be the racy art filling up the walls?

May it be the big chunky samosa they make?

Or the fact of having Indian food in Kelowna enough to make this a wacky food adventure?

Or simply it fell on a Thursday and the place was wacky enough to fit the bill?

Whatever it is, Dawatt is not a bad Indian place, despite being benchmarked against all those Vancouver Indian Restaurants I have tried.

The tastes could be finer, the presentation could be fancier to fit the restaurant's art. But overall, a good enough experience if you are craving Indian in Kelowna.

Dawett Fine Indian Cuisine
1435 Ellis
Kelowna, BC


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