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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nigel Goes Hungarian

To get a good appreciation of Nigel Slater and what this article is all about, I suggest you first read Sunday Night with Nigel, Monday Night with Nigel and Sensuous Sunday.

Tonight, Nigel hooked me with red peppers that he links to Hungary, describing the Budapest markets as...

"...stalls glow deep rust and gold with tins of paprika and strings of dried mahogany chillies. I love the crumbling wooden stalls of scarlet-capped mushrooms with their stray pieces of iridescent moss, wicker baskets of black sloes and small sacks of red berries, and the apparently precarious piles of peppers, Christmas red, clean white and burnt orange turning scarlet.

How can one resist, after reading such poetic verses, not to try Nigel Slater's Hungary-inspired stew for the depths of winter, even though we are still in July.

I followed the recipe. I chopped, seeded, cubed, halved and brought everything to what Nigel calls an enthusiastic simmer. Served according to his instructions of "pouring soured cream over the top and stirring once so that the surface is merely rippled with cream."

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