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Friday, 29 August 2014

Quadruple Carbs

I relied on catsess to count how many varieties of carbs were served tonight. She claims 4. I am not sure about that.

Well, let's count. (1) Pasta and tomato sauce; (2) potatoes with sausages bake leftovers; (3) potato dumplings; (4) perogies (Catses must have only notice this portion of the table given the sausages).

Then leftover pizza from yesterday's Wacky Pizza Competition.(we are now up to either 5 or 7 carbs if you count each type of pizza as a separate item)

And then there were two more forming a middle east peace treaty - Lebanese Fatayer and Isreali Knish sharing one platter.

So how many carbs in total? It is too late at night to count again...

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