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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Prince Rupert Adventure

Did I tell the story of my regal Catsess before?

She and her 3 past brothers were rescued off Prince Rupert's streets. With lack of shelter capacities, the amazing VOKRA flew them to Vancouver. A VOKRA angel who met them at the airport once told me how beautiful they looked when she picked them up.

So I couldn't be more grateful for a client business sending me to Prince Rupert to visit the land of Catsess.

Such a wild country - so thankful for VOKRA rescuing Catsess from a horrible death in the northern woods. 

Getting to Prince Rupert is an adventure. A 2.5 hours flight lands you on an island. An airport bus carries you on the ferry to Prince Rupert, which is also an island.

Prince Rupert is the home of less than 12,000 people and you can tell by how condensed the downtown is.

There were several Vietnamese Canadian restaurants which I wish I had a chance to try. What is the connection between Vietnamese and Prince Rupert is a mystery I need to solve one day.

The Casino restaurant was a real turn off. The Waterfront Restaurant was alright. I ordered the Butter Chicken Poutine to make a perfect blog story. But I was served the butter chicken bowl instead, and accused that this is what I ordered.

So I tried their bread pudding and took off roaming the downtown.

Walmart and Target were skipped, but the cutest pet store was discovered and Catsess got herself a glow in the dark mouse toy.

Glad to have seen Catsess birthplace - it is definitely a beautiful part of the province.

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