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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

JOEY Is Good

The first time I tried a JOEY Restaurant was exactly two years ago (Read JOEY Bentall One).

I have been to different JOEY restaurants many times since then. But this is the first I have time to take pictures and blog about the visit.

In short, exceptional food as always. Fun atmosphere. Not too loud, yet very.

The Japanese Gyoza with hot mustard is  a must.

The Lettuce Wraps are also exceptional.

A twist on what you find in Chinese restaurants with toasted peanuts, crispy noodles and cilantro.

Too bad I was not in the mood for meat - they have great steaks. 

Instead, I indulged on a perfect Sashimi Tuna - Fresh and tasty with mango and avocado, excellent choice I must say.

Thank you JOEY - I am yet to taste your Butter Chicken; next time.

1424 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Joey on Urbanspoon

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