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Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Chocolate Weekend - Part A

I received this pack of chocolate bars as a gift. They are from a Yaletown Chocolate Bar called Xoxolat (pronounced as sho-sho-lat).

I also received a note that the store person recommended I try the bars in this specific order.

Who am I not to listen to the Xoxolat chocolate experts. I started left with the Amano Madagascar.

With whole vanilla beans, I am not sure pairing with apricot juice was the right choice.

The Sirene included a tasting pair: Camino Verde from Ecuador and Somia Plantation from Madagascar.

The descriptions of the plantations of each pair read like a description of wines. I resisted and sampled them with milk. Very enjoyable pair.

The Ariba Ecuador was a perfect jeans pocket fit and, as such, great for taking a break (but not as tasty as a KitKat).

 Want to hear more chocolate? Tune back tomorrow for Part B or take a stroll to Xoxolat

1271 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

Xoxolat on Urbanspoon

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