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Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Chocolate Weekend - Part B

And the story of Xoxolat eat-the-chocolate-bars-in-this-order continues (Read Part A of A Chocolate Weekend).

The Dick.Taylor Ecuador Camino Verde bar suffered from a chocoholic break-in and I never had a chance to taste it. So I went on directly to its cousin Dark.Taylor Belize Toledo.

A beautiful classy looking chocolate bar enjoyed with milk in a classy glass - I liked this one a lot.

Piura Porcelana had beautiful packaging; I won't be surprised if it is a big seller due to package appeal.

The tasting notes said: Vibrant, luscious with lime, apricot, raspberry flavours and notes of toasted pecan; a perfect work inspiration chocolate.

All good things come to an end. Back to the starting brand but this time it is the Amano Dos Rio.
Are these chocolates now going to turn into an ongoing work inspiration requirement?

1271 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

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